Nathan Adloff

Director / Screenwriter

Director / Co-Writer

"Boundless warmth and humor."


Nate & Margaret
Director / Co-Writer

“A smart, observant movie about two very particular people... It goes right because Adloff focuses on his characters and doesn’t concern himself with big scenes and theatrical payoffs.”

- Roger Ebert / Chicago Sun Times

Cock N' Bull
Director / Co-Writer / Actor

"Fits of ecstacy and unbridled humor."

- Indie Outlook

Cock N' Bull 2
Director / Co-Writer / Actor

"I was maybe a minute into the film when I realized I was witnessing comedy magic."

- Ali Naro / Movies Over The Rainbow



Nathan Adloff is a Screenwriter/Director/Actor based in Los Angeles. His most recent feature is “Miles” (Co-Wrote/Directed). The film is semi-autobiographical and centers on a high school senior who joins the girls volleyball team in hopes of winning a college scholarship after his father's untimely death. It stars Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser, Missi Pyle, Tim Boardman, Annie Golden, Yeardley Smith and Stephen Root. “Miles” won the Audience Choice Award in Outfest Los Angeles, received theatrical and digital distribution and is now streaming on Netflix.

Nathan Adloff Directed/Co-Wrote/Produced his feature film debut with “Nate & Margaret.” It sold for worldwide distribution prior to completion. The film stars Natalie West, Tyler Ross and Gaby Hoffmann. Roger Ebert praised the film as “A smart, observant movie about two very particular people, and its casting is pitch-perfect.” The New York Times called it “Fragile and simple in the best possible way.”

Nathan acted in Joe Swanberg's early films and IFC series, "Young American Bodies," in addition to making a handful of award-winning short films. Both of his “Cock N’ Bull” short films, which he also acted in, screened in festivals around the world. Both shorts received distribution on multiple platforms, including Seed & Spark, Revry, Dekkoo and Amazon.

Nathan is in development on an original horror television series with Anonymous Content.